Happy Valley,

Happy Valley

Location: The area which includes the Happy Valley lies on the west side of the Library Point and leads to the Cloud’s End, which is the far end of the hill station.


Description: Tibetan temples, municipal gardens and IAS Academy are housed on the far reaching stretch of the Happy Valley road. This area has so much to offer its visitors that it is visited all around the year by innumerable tourists. Having something for everybody, this place is full of gardens, estates and temples. Tibetan style houses greet the people visiting the Happy Valley, as most of the area is inhabited by Tibetan refugees. After the unrest in Tibet, Dalai Lama was forced to leave Tibet and along with his supporters, his holiness came to the Happy Valley. The area is surrounded by hills which remain covered with snow for a major part of the year. The lush green surroundings of the region can make a person fall in love with this place. Therefore remember to include this destination in your must visit list.


Activities: Tourists can enjoy boating and enjoy breathtaking views of surroundings. In addition, freshness of the atmosphere can fill a person with new energy. Tourists can also enjoy the local food which is available at reasonable rates.

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