Tibetan School and Homes,

Tibetan School and Homes

Location: Tibetan school and homes lie in the vicinity of the Tibetan Buddhist temple in the beautiful hill station of Mussoorie.

Description: Tibetan school and homes are a result of the initiatives taken by Dalai Lama. These homes accommodate hundreds of refugee children who have settled in Mussoorie after coming from Tibet. Education is every child’s right and this belief is strongly followed at the Tibetan school also. Children belonging to all ages are given education at this place. The foundation runs with the help of donations that are made by well wishers. Tourists can visit this school during the weekdays as it is closed on the weekends. People who reside in the Tibetan houses have left their houses in Tibet following the unrest in the country and are now well settled in Mussoorie. Indian government has also helped the Tibetan refugees in starting their life again.

Activities: Tourists who visit the Tibetan school and homes can also visit the Tibetan Buddhist temple to get an insight of their tradition and culture. Travelers can also savor the taste of the Tibetan food which is readily available to them at local restaurants and eateries. So visit this attraction to get to know more about the lifestyle of Tibetan people.

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