The Mall,

The Mall

Location: The Mall is considered as the heart of the Mussoorie city and stretches from the public library in the west to Picture Palace to its east.

Description: During the pre-independence era, the Mall was strictly visited by the British and no Indian was allowed at this place. However, the father of Jawaharlal Nehru, Motilal Nehru, used to break this rule every time he visited Mussoorie and would later on pay the imposed fine. Tourists can take a walk through the Mall to witness the beautiful lampposts and benches that give an insight of the colonial period. A stroll with your loved ones at the Mall can create memories that can be cherished for a life time. Various attractions are present in this area attracting the attention of tourists. People belonging to all age groups can enjoy themselves at the skating rink. In addition, travelers can also enjoy a game or two at the video game parlors.

Activities: The Mall houses a large number of shops that offer an amazing selection of wooden handicrafts and antiques. People who love trying out new cuisines and delicacies can try the amazing biryani or delicious Chinese food served here. Tibetan food can also be relished by the travelers.

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