Location: Presence of different trekking routes at Mussoorie makes this an ideal place to enjoy this sport and some of these routes are Bhadraraj temple trek, Benog hill trek and George Everest Park.   

Description: Mussoorie has a lot to offer to the adventure lovers. From paragliding to mountain climbing and from hiking to trekking, tourists can indulge in innumerous adventure sports, among which trekking is the most popular. At Mussoorie, novice as well as experienced trekkers can indulge in this activity. Even the thought of scaling large mountains can excite a person, so how about trying this activity in real life? Set amidst beautiful locales, the hill station of Mussoorie offers panoramic view of the surroundings. A trek up the hills can be a thrilling activity, along with letting you enjoy some of the beautiful views of the valley. The treks are arranged by Himalayan Adventure Institute, which also provides training to the first timers. Easy or difficult treks can be chosen by a person depending upon his strength and capability. Therefore in order to feel the adrenaline rush in your body, take a trek through the different routes.

Activities: Apart from trekking, tourists can also enjoy river crossing, water rafting and rock climbing along these routes. Travelers can also enjoy nature camps at these destinations. 

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