Location: Paragliding is a famous adventure sport that can be enjoyed in Mussoorie, especially at the venues like Mussoorie Lake.

Description: Have you ever dreamt of soaring high in the sky? If yes, then at Mussoorie you can realize this dream. Paragliding is an activity that is sure to set you rolling. To enjoy this amazing experience, you can visit the popular Mussoorie Lake and soar high in the sky to feel free like a bird. Both, amateur as well as experienced pilots can enjoy this sport as security and safety is not an issue to worry upon. Trained pilots accompany the novice pilots who wish to indulge in this activity. While being in the hands of experienced people, tourists are not required to worry about anything. Paragliding remains as a must try activity for adventure enthusiasts while visiting Mussoorie as they can take a flight in the open sky to catch a bird’s eye view of the city.

Activities: Apart from enjoying the thrill of paragliding, tourists can get a view of the marvelous locations that surround the Mussoorie valley. A visit to the religious places that lie in the vicinity can also be marked by the travelers to offer their prayers and seek lord’s blessings.

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