Nada Sahib, Panchkula, Punjab

Nada Sahib, Panchkula

The Nada Sahib Gurudwara was built as a tribute to honor and commemorate the lives and works of two great proponents of Sikhism, namely Guru Gobind Singh and Baba Nadu Shah. This Gurudwara (or Sikh Temple) is held in great reverence among the Sikh community and is a great place to experience the vibrancy of this culture. It is located just outside the city of Panchkula, at a distance of approximately 15 kilometers from the city of Chandigarh. This Gurudwara was constructed in the year 1956 on the banks of the Ghagar River and holds a special place in Sikh culture, as it was the resting place of Guru Gobind Singh and his forces post victory over invading Mughals. As a token of thanks for his tireless service during this time, Guru Gobind Singh blessed Baba Nadu Shah and Bhai Motha Singh built the first shrine here to commemorate this. It is a must see location for any tourist coming to Chandigarh, especially those who are interested in learning about Sikhism.

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