Shanti Kunj, Punjab

Shanti Kunj

Away from the bustling and polluted environs, the tranquil Shanti Kunj in Chandigarh is located in a peaceful location, because of which it is named so. Situated between the cricket stadium and Rose Garden, this place is within the city premises, thus can be easily reached with the help of local transport.

The park has a huge collection of different kinds of plants and beautifully shaped trees, apt for sheltering and enhancing the pristine ambiance of the garden. Along with this there are many medicinal plants within its surroundings that are planted with the aim to cure diseases. Along with this, there is a stream of water that flows through this park thus dividing it into four equal sections, with each segment having different variety of vegetation.

For those who wish to unwind in its remarkable beauty, the abundant lush greenery and its unique location, which is free from city pollution and unwanted noise, make it the most likeable place in Chandigarh.

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