Garden of Fragrance, Punjab

Garden of Fragrance

The city of Chandigarh is well known for various gardens, which are spread across this city. The Garden of Fragrance is one such garden located in Sector 36. This garden is (as the name suggests) well known not only for the architectural beauty of its design, but mainly for the large variety of aromatic flowers which are planted here. Botany, aromatherapy and even meditation enthusiasts are sure to find this garden and its surrounding scenery as a blissful combination. There are a large number of different varieties of flowers which are planted here including henna, jasmine, rose and many more. A leisurely stroll through this combination of fragrances is a preferred activity for a large number of people who have experienced this. The Garden of Fragrance makes for a great place for visitors to have a picnic amidst blossoming flowers with their radiant beauty spread all around.

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