Sri Varahaswami Temple, Andhra Pradesh

Sri Varahaswami Temple

Depicting Lord Varaha in his international fame, the Sri Varahaswami Temple on the banks of Pushkarini is situated in the northern face of the Venkateshwara Temple in Tirumala. According to legend, Varaha was the guardian of the hill and lord Venkateswara had to obtain permission from Lord Varaha for a stay on the hill. It thus became a customary tradition for the devotees to pay their tribute to Varaha before proceeding to Venkateswara. It is also a testamentary practice to first offer the Naivedyam to Sri Varahaswami.

According to the Atri Samhita, the Varaha incarnation can be worshiped in three ways such as the Adi Varaha, the Pralaya Varaha and the Yajna Varaha. The idol of Sri Varahaswami here is that of Adi Varaha, who is seen with his leg raised, carrying Bhumidevi in his arms. It is in similarity to the depiction of the Adi Varaha Murti in Vaikhanasa agama texts.

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