Child Art Gallery, Punjab

Child Art Gallery

Chandigarh’s planned architecture and the abundance of natural beauty both in and around the town have been called one of the finest works of art by Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, better known across the world by his pseudonym, Le Corbusier. The existence of numerous art galleries which are present at different locations across the entire city are a clear indicator of the impact of art on this city. One of the most prominent art galleries is the Child Art Gallery which is the location where budding young artists of the city and adjoining regions can come and not only display their works of art, but can also participate in any of the various art workshops which are held here regularly. There is also a special zone for children with learning difficulties to display their artistic inclinations. The Child Art Gallery is known for its promotion of art among the youth and helping them discover new techniques and methods to increase their abilities.

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