International Dolls Museum, Punjab

International Dolls Museum

The International Dolls Museum is located in Sector – 23 Chandigarh, adjoining Bal Bhawan. This museum is host to a large variety of marionettes and dolls which visitors can come and check out. Currently managed by the Chandigarh chapter of the Indian Council for Child Welfare, this museum was started in the year 1985 with the objective of entertaining and educating, both children and adults. There are a number of galleries here, with many dedicated to dolls which have been sourced from different countries across the world, including Denmark, Germany, Korea, the Netherlands, Russia and Spain, among many. The Indian dolls which are displayed here however, are the real attraction since there are a large number of dolls from each state representing the culture of India, creating a kaleidoscopic diorama of all the diversity which this country has to offer. The museum is accessible during working hours on all working weekdays.

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