Government Museum and Art Gallery, Punjab

Government Museum and Art Gallery

Located in Sector 10, the Govt. Museum and Art Gallery is one of the most well known art galleries in the city and throughout the region. The Union Territory of Chandigarh is the biggest cultural hub north of New Delhi, thanks to the influx of people from various states. This city is known for its artistic populace who often hold a number of exhibitions. Singers, musicians, painters, sculptors, theatre artistes are constantly displaying their skills through these exhibitions held at this museum. The Govt. Museum and Art Gallery is a major constituent of the Cultural Complex in Sector 10, which was envisioned by Le Corbusier along with the Govt. College of Arts, the Pavilion for Temporary Exhibitions and the Museum of Evolution of Life. This gallery is a great place to spend an evening soaking in the varied artistic contributions made by various artists using different mediums over the years. It is also known for a laser light show which is held here regularly.

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