Astley Hall,

Astley Hall

Astley Hall has a great number of shopping centers inside it and offers a perfect place to shopping buffs for buying a diverse variety of items in Dehradun. Besides shops, there are excellent restaurants of great quality. This mall is considered as the most popular shopping complex in Dehradun. Astley Hall and the area surrounding the hall offer great object d’art that makes shopping in this place a cheerful experience. The real thing that makes shopping in this area a great joy is that the items that are presented for sale are beautiful and reasonably priced. The woodcrafts prepared by making use of bamboo canes by the local artisans attract a number of people while one shops in the Astley Hall. Woolen items, like shawls, attractive cardigans and sweaters are the most wanted items which are bought by a number of local people and tourists as they are found to be worthy of their price.

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