Sai Darbar Temple,

Sai Darbar Temple

Sai Darbar serves as a crown in the secular structure of India. The temple located in the hill station is an instance of secular feeling at its peak. This is a special shrine that attracts innumerable devotees regardless of their religion or caste, this beautiful house of the divine can also be defined as the commemoration of humanity. Sai Darbar temple is a popular pilgrimage centre in this hill resort. The Darbar has been built with shining marble stone; this beautiful shrine bestows a spectacular view to the onlookers. Sai Darbar temple is located in a hilly terrain and it provides a calm and serene atmosphere to the devotees of Sai. The building of this temple has been built artistically and attracts attention not only of the pious minded people but also attracts the vistors. The idol of the presiding deity is kept in the core of the Sai Darbar temple. Interior of the temple is decorated with beautiful paintings with charming colors. Atmosphere of this temple becomes mesmerizing in the evening time because of the prayer sessions.

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