Ram Rai Gurudwara,

Ram Rai Gurudwara

Well known Ram Rai Gurudwara was established in the 17th century in Dehradun by Ram Rai, the 7th Sikh Guru. This Gurudwara is considered to be one of the oldest places of worship that has gained the distinction of being a famous pilgrimage centre. Ram Rai Gurudwara was sponsored by the king of Dehradun and has a fable behind its construction. The fable says that Guru Ram Rai was abandoned from his mother land. He came to this valley and settled here; then with the aid of king of Dehradun he constructed this Gurudwara.

All the salient features of a typical Sikh Shrine are present in this shrine. Holy book Adigrantha is placed in the centre of this shrine. Other places of importance are the dining room which is used for serving food to a large number of devotees. People of all castes are allowed to offer prayers in this Gurudwara. This holy place also witnesses an annual festival called Jhanda Mela or in simple words the celebration of flags that is celebrated after Holi.

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