Tapovan is a scenic place located on the shore of the sacred river Ganges. The religious spectrum of Dehradun is highly influenced by Tapovan. People of this place are having a belief that the great guru Dronacharya underwent penance at this place, which is now occupied by sadhus and saints who are of the belief that penance and redemption are the only ways to please the almighty.

Surrounded by abundant greenery and the sweet sound of the river, the atmosphere around this sacred place is so saintly that it pacifies all the sorrows. Vedas and mantras are chanted here that enhance the holiness of this place. Placed beside the city, Tapovan is visited by tourists who come here to attend the religious ceremonies. People suffering from mental trauma or any illness related to one’s mind should come to this place for attaining peace of mind and tranquility. The holy place of Tapovan is a great attraction as far as Dehradun tourism is concerned.

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