Sahastradhara literally means thousand fold springs. Depth of this pretty waterfall is 9 meters.  Reason for the popularity of this torrent is that it is considered useful in curing diseases because of the presence of Sulphur in this water. In addition to the medicinal benefits, this stream presents a picturesque environment and people who desire to stay in a calm environment can find this place suitable to their requirement. The caves and the Baldi River enhance the ornamental beauty of this place even more.  As this amazing natural attraction is located within the boundary of this city, thus tourists can easily reach this place.  The climate here remains pleasant most of the times that makes this place favorable for a visit at any time of the year. The rainy season is considered to be the best time for viewing the beauty of this stream.

The water of Sahastradhra contains lime, and the residue that is left behind leads to formation of a ridge, which appears like a cave, and water dances on its top like a shower. The charming beauty of this place surely attracts a lot of tourists.

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