The Museum,

The Museum

This is a special museum which has a huge collection of items and is dedicated to the learning of different subjects that are related to the origin, growth and existence of the mankind on earth. The Museum is popular with the name Zonal Museum and is positioned on Haridwar Road in Dehradun. Established in the year of 1971 this museum is dedicated to making the visitors aware of the ancestry and customs of the people that dwell in the foothills of the mountain ranges. Zonal Museum is a sophisticated attempt to provide an account of cultural and physical sociology of the western and central part of Himalayas. This museum remains open for all from ten o’clock in the morning to five o’clock in the evening except for Sundays, second Saturdays and the holidays. People from all over Dehradun visit this museum so as to have knowledge about the culture and folklores of these places.

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