Gita Bhavan,

Gita Bhavan

Location: Located on the banks of holy River Ganges, Gita Bhavan is a museum dedicated to improve mythological knowledge of masses.

Description: Gita Bhavan is a huge complex that includes many paintings and sculptures of characters from Hindu epics. The paintings include a popular Sandesh from Hindu scripture “Bhagvad Gita”, depicting Lord Krishna and the great Pandava warrior Arjuna in a Chariot in Kurukshetra battlefield. Each and every statue and sculpture in the museum is eye-catching. You can see detailed information on various Hindu gods and goddesses here. Tourists who are interested in knowing more about Hindu Culture in ancient period should visit Gita Bhavan. It is a big edifice, comprising of many discourse halls and over thousand rooms. These rooms are available free of charges where devotees can stay. Vegetarian food and other stuff are also available at very moderate price. Two sacred bathing ghats are there in front of Gita Bhavan, where devotees can enjoy a dip in holy water of River Ganges.

Activities: Ferry Services are available for tourists to enjoy the beauty of scenic region of Rishikesh. During the summer season, special Satsang programs are arranged and Gita Bhavan is flocked by thousands of devotees to participate in these cultural courses.

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