White Water Rafting,

White Water Rafting

Location: In Rishikesh, you can enjoy the best adrenaline-pumping experience in the up and down streams of River Ganges.

Description: While enjoying white water rafting in Rishikesh, the inflatable boats will take you in the heart of the lush green forests and astonishing landscapes. If you are a thrill-seeker, then one of the best adventure streams is calling you here in Rishikesh. This region is amazing and the excitement of rafting from Kaudiyala to Shivpuri keeps on enhancing until you reach Rishikesh. Challenging River Ganges slows down and then bursts into white water rapids, as it descends into the plains. Neelkanth, Marine Drive, Baisy and Kaudiyala are some of the places where you can enjoy white water rafting with discounted packages. The time period from November to March is ideal, when you can enjoy rafting in the cool environment of Rishikesh. Rafting will let you explore all those wonderful landscapes that you might not experience through any other outdoor sport. So pack your bags and be ready to reach the adventure destination where you can enjoy rafting from shorter to demanding Class III and Class IV rapids.

Activities: Twin sharing tents provided by adventure camps are best for night escapes. Candle light dinner on a sandy beach is something you must have imagined and camping in Rishikesh is the best way to realize all your lovely dreams.

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