Vishnu Ghat, Uttarakhand

Vishnu Ghat

Situated in the heart of the city, Vishnu Ghat is the only place that offers free or very reasonably priced accommodation. A visit to this place gives you a brief idea about the lifestyle of the town. You can travel around various places of interest, like food stalls, handloom shops, jewelry shops and many other such establishments.

In addition to, its location amidst the town, it is easily accessible from all parts of the city.  While your journey to Haridwar, Vishnu Ghat is a must visit place. It offers you the facility of all kinds of hotels and guest houses to stay in. The place is named so in view of the fact that it is the spot where Lord Vishnu bathed and sanctified the region. Also it is said that a dip in this Ghat is known to wash away all your sins. Those who wish to enjoy the feeling of gratification and purity, make sure to take a bath in this holy Ghat.

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