Pathaleshwara Temple, Talakad, Karnataka

Pathaleshwara Temple, Talakad

Location: Talakad is a prominent city of ancient Wodeyar Empire and Pathaleshwara temple is one of the historical sites constructed during the rule of Ganga Kings.

Description: Shiva Lingam, a form of Lord Mahadeva, is installed in the Pathaleshwara Temple. The shrine is a great mystery for tourists since it regularly varies in color at different intervals during a day. If you will notice the Shiva Lingam in the morning, it will appear red in color whereas it changes to black in the afternoon. It seems more mystic during night when it turns completely white in color. Due to this reason, scientists from all around the globe are inquisitive to know about the color changing phenomenon or chromism associated with the Shiva Lingam. This might be due to the change of temperature or light interacting with the material of Shiva Lingam in a variety of ways. Whatever might be the reason, the shrine has tranquil environs and best for meditation. So many interesting facts about science and history associated with this one shrine make this place an ideal destination for religious inclined people, as well as history and science lovers.

Activities: Talakad is a scared land of many religious places, so you can also visit some other temples located nearby and make your trip memorable.

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