Pancha Pathi Temple, Talakad, Karnataka

Pancha Pathi Temple, Talakad

Location: One of the five important pilgrimage sites of South India, Pancha Pathi Temple is located in Talakad in the state of Karnataka, India.

Description: All the five Shiva Lingam’s together are situated within a circumference of 15 km of Kanyakumari.  According to legends, the Five Shiva Lingams represent the five faces of divine Lord Shiva. Swamithoppe, Muttappathi, Thamaraikulam, Ambalappathi and Pooppathi are the five Panch Pathi, respectively. Devotees may begin the pilgrimage from the first and conclude it with the last Pathi. All the five Pathi are religiously significant and linked with various Hindu scriptures. The land is sanctified by the footsteps of many Hindu gods and goddesses. That is why people from all around the world visit these ancient shrines to learn about Hindu culture and traditions. Not only religiously inclined people, but the shrines are attention-grabbing structures for historians, archaeologists and also for people who have special interest in discovering history. Since past many years, the shrine was a matter of curiosity for people not only in India but in foreign as well, The London Missionary Society has also shared a report about this Pathi dating back to 19th century.

Activities: Main auspicious occasions are conducted every year and all the Pathi are regarded as one shrine. Panchalinga Darshan is the main festival celebrated once in twelve years.

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