Maruleshwara Temple, Talakad, Karnataka

Maruleshwara Temple, Talakad

Location: One of the ancient Indian cities, Talakad is famous for its oldest shrine, the Maruleshwara Temple.

Description: Talakad, a desert-like town is famous for its Pacha Lingams all over India and Maruleshwara Temple is one among them. Built during Ganga dynasty, the shrine is well-known for a huge Shiva Lingam enshrined by Lord Brahma. A mandapa constructed using ancient Hindu architecture houses attractive statues of Maheshawara, Ambigai, Surya, Ganapathi, Shanmugar, Veerabadhrar and Navagraha.  The shrine is an excellent piece of ancient architecture. It is said that due to a curse given to Talakad, the incredible shrine is getting submerged under the sand dunes. Not only the temples, but the rulers of Mysore have also faced trouble in having a rightful successor for the throne since 17th century. Last held in 2009, the Pancha Linga Darshan festival is celebrated with great grandiosity in the temple once in every twelve years.  The temple is a porch-like structure with many pillars on all sides, which makes it look more attractive to the visitors. One must visit this temple of great spiritual importance.

Activities: You may visit an old shrine, Keerthi Narayan Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, situated very near to the Maruleshwara Temple.

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