Shimshapura Falls, Simsha, Karnataka

Shimshapura Falls, Simsha

Location: Shimshapura Falls, located in Malavalli district, holds a special place in visitor’s heart because of its scenic beauty.

Description: The gorgeous Shimshapura Falls are amongst those waterfalls that offer wonderful sights of nature. The waterfall originates from the famous Cauvery River and is located in a remote location amidst the wild and beautiful sceneries of nature.  You can enjoy memorable walks around the waterfall. For nature lovers, Shimsha waterfalls are an impressive site to visit and enjoy views that you might have never experienced anywhere else. Being a major attraction, the waterfalls deserve to be on everyone’s itinerary who is visiting South India.   Nestled in pristine forests, this place will enthrall you with its beauty of crystal clear water dropping as small pearls. The waterfall is unlike any other water body, which is blessed by nature with abundant beauty. You will be awe-struck to see the sheer size and shape of this waterfall. Do carry your cameras while visiting this scenic zone and be ready to click some thrilling snapshots.

Activities: First hydro electric project of Asia, Shimsha Hydro Electric Project is located very near to this waterfall and you must visit this place for a knowledgeable trip.

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