Cauveri River, Mutatti, Karnataka

Cauveri River, Mutatti

Location: Encircled by striking mountains, River Cauvery originates from Western Ghats, and flows drifty in the region of Karnataka.

Description: River Cauvery, also spelled as Kaveri, is well-known for its great scenic variety in Karnataka. It is believed that Cauvery was a girl, called Vishumaya or Lopaamudra, daughter of Brahma born on earth. She became a river so that the holy water can purify all the sins. You may relax on the shores of crystal-clear Cauvery River and spot the magnificent mountains in the background. The fantastic sights of the rising streams and lush landscapes will certainly make your trip as memorable as you want it to be. Spending a sunny day on the riverside, with the sounds of gushing water, assures a wonderful experience. One must visit this excursion destination offering nonstop fun and pleasure. You may relax or enjoy a pleasant walk. While sightseeing, enjoy a drink, snack, or a delicious meal as well. After all picnicking and boating with family and friends is an ideal way to create memories for a lifetime.

Activities: As per Hindu belief, you should take a bath in the water of holy River Cauvery, which has the same power as of River Gange to wash away all sins of a being.

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