Trekking, Karnataka


Location: Shivanasamundra offers some of the best trekking routes, which travel through the dense forests and its spectacular flora and fauna.

Description: Banks of River Daubery are known to be the best trek route to add some adventure to your trip. You can spend your vacations while trekking through the verdant jungles, spotting different species of animals and even exploring the traditions and culture of rural areas. The challenging hikes through woody landscapes take you between the isolated and rocky areas, thus making your trekking trip more enjoyable. Take your time to explore the vicinity of Shivanasamundra until you reach your destination where you can plan a stay at night. This trip will not only help you in discovering the natural beauty but the life of villagers as well. You can also take a one day trek tour or if you would like to explore the vicinity more, then you can also extend it by hiring a local guide who will walk you through the region.  

Activities: To add more adventure to their trekking experience, adventure enthusiasts can reach Georgia Sunshine Village, where the treks will take you to the bushy lands in the midst of striking mountains enveloped by tall coconut groves.

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