Vaidyanatheshwara Temple, Talakad, Karnataka

Vaidyanatheshwara Temple, Talakad

Location: Amidst the sand dunes of Talakad, Vaidyanatheshwara Temple beautifully stands on the left bank of Kaveri River.

Description: Among the five famous ancient temples of Talakad,Vaidyanatheshwara Temple is a major attraction for tourists who visit South India. There are many ancient tales linked with this shrine. According to which an ascetic Somadatta came to Siddaranya Kshetra to worship Lord Shiva. But on his route, he got killed by wild elephants.  It is believed that Somadatta and his disciples re-incarnated as wild elephants and worshipped Lord Shiva in the form of a tree. Since that time, the tree is referred to as Vaidyeshwara. During 14th century, the shrine was built by the Chola Kings in Dravidian style of architecture. The temple is of great religious importance as it is one among the Panchapathi shrines in Talakad.

Activities: Panchalinga Darshana is the main festival of all Panchapathi shrines, celebrated once in every twelve years. On this day, devotees first take bath in the holy water of Gokarna Teertham and then worship Gokareshwara, Chandikadevi and finally Vaidyeshwara. Your pilgrim will conclude when you will take bath in River Cauvery and then worship Arkeshwara, Pataleshwara, Maraleshwara, Vaidyeshwara and then the fifth Pathi, Kirtinarayana.

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