Nagaraja Temple, Tamil Nadu

Nagaraja Temple

Location: A Hindu temple, Nagaraja temple is situated in the town of Nagercoil that lies in the state of Kanyakumari. The town Nagercoil which literally means “temple of Nagaraja” got its name from the Nagaraja temple. Tourists can easily reach this temple as it is well connected by road and lies near to the railway station.

Description: Dedicated to Hindu deity Nagaraja, the five headed serpent, this temple is visited by devotees in large number. This temple is adorned by a large collection of snake images. An interesting feature of this shrine is that it is guarded by two snakes. Similar to the architecture style of the temples of Kerala, this place also boasts of a pond which is located in proximity. This pond is used by the devotees to wash their hands and feet before entering the temple.

Activities: Symbolizing rich culture of the country, this shrine is thronged by a large number of visitors during the month of Avani. Various festive celebrations are carried out with enthusiasm, with local people as well as tourists enjoying themselves to the maximum. Apart from praying to the Nagaraja, visitors are also mesmerized by the beauty of this place. Built by a maharaja, this temple gives a glimpse of the royal architecture of the ancient times.

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