Vishnu Temple, Varkala, Kerala

Vishnu Temple, Varkala

Location: One of the most ancient temples in South India, Vishnu Temple is situated in Varkala, Kerala. It is about 10.9 km in the west of Kallambalam and 25 km north of Thiruvananthpuram.

Description: About 2000 years old, Vishnu temple is also famed as Janardana Swami Temple and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Beautifully located near the Arabian Sea shore, the shrine is regarded as Dakshin Kashi amongst devotees. A captain of Dutch vessel donated a bell to this temple which was removed from a shipwreck that sank near Varkala. You may still see this bell in the temple. The idol of Lord Janardhana Swami, a form of Lord Vishnu, can be seen in a standing position in the shrine. The right hand of the deity is raised towards his mouth. It is believed that if his hand goes closer to his mouth, then the world will come to an end. Priests offer prayers to the main deity about four times in a day. You may also worship the idols of other deities, including Ganesha, Shastha, Anantham Shivam, Chandikesha and Hanuman.

Activities: Papanasam Beach and Sivagiri Mutt are the two attractions, which are just a few kilometers away from the temple.

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