Vaikkom Mahadeva Temple, Chottanikkara, Kerala

Vaikkom Mahadeva Temple, Chottanikkara

Location: The holy Vaikkom Mahadeva Temple is located in Central part of the Kerala state in Vaikam, which is an ancient town located in the proximity of Chottanikkara.

Description: The ancient Vaikkom Mahadeva Temple worships Lord Shiva as the main deity. A famous mythological tale suggests that the origin of Vaikkom Mahadeva Temple is related to Kharasuran. Kharasuran was a person who is known for establishing three temples dedicated to Lord Shiva at three corners of an equilateral triangle. These three temples are Vaikkom Mahadeva Temple, Ettumanoor Shiva Temple and Kaduthuruthy Thaliyil Mahadeva Temple.

Lord Shiva is worshipped in this temple by the name of Vaikuntappan and it is from here the name of the temple has been derived. The temple encloses a mandapa, prakaram, a tower in its premises. Several worshippers visit this temple to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva and ask for blessings and peace for their family and loved ones.

Activities: Though many festivals are celebrated here, but one festival that is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm is called Anandana Prabhu. The temple is visited by thousands of pilgrims from all across the nation during this festival to witness the celebrations.

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