Kottayi Kovilakom Hillock, Chendamangalam, Kerala

Kottayi Kovilakom Hillock, Chendamangalam

Location: Kottayi Kovilakom is situated in Chendamangalam town. This small town is roughly 45 km away from Eranakulam district of the state of Kerala and can be reached by means of bus or local cabs.

Description: The scenic views of the natural surroundings of Kottayi Kovilakom leave all tourists mesmerized. Once the top of the hill is reached, magnificent views of the entire area can be enjoyed. The place is famous for a synagogue established by the Jewish people in the ancient times. Chendamangalam is a perfect place to witness the co-existence of several different religions in India, due to the fact that a church, mosque and temple, all exist here. Chendamangalam served as home to the Paliath Achans, who were the prime ministers of the Maharajas of Kochi city. The residence of Paliath is called Paliam Palace and is a masterpiece clearly exhibiting the architectural expertise of Kerala. Umpteen documents and ruins related to the past are kept in this palace. Another major site situated here is Vypeenkotta Seminary. It was founded in the 16th century by the Portuguese. Green fields can be seen in the entire region and they make Chennamangalam look even more charming to the eyes of the visitors.

Activities: The scenic views of the surroundings can be captured in your camera to be cherished for a lifetime. Also, several nature lovers come here to spend time in solitude.

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