Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary, Kerala

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

Location: Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary is a bird reserve centrally located within the Kochi region in the state of Kerala.

Description: Bird Watchers from all across the globe make sure they manage to visit Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary during their trip to South India. The sanctuary has been awarded the title of Green Lung of Eranakulam, due to the lush green surroundings. This sanctuary serves as an abode to several species of the bird kingdom, including the regular resident birds as well as the exotic variety of migratory birds. In the midst of this lush green bird reserve is a small shallow lake and it is enclosed by mangrove cover from all sides. One can enjoy good quality time sitting in solitude beside the lake and watching the birds. The chirping of birds fills the air with joy and refreshes the mind and soul of bird watchers. It is perfect for nature lovers too, who wish to breathe in fresh air.

Activities: Bird Watching is what draws thousands of ornithologists from various parts of world to Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary. It also provides an excellent opportunity to all bird watchers to get a glimpse of some of the rare species of bird kingdom.

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