Princess Street, Kerala

Princess Street

Location: Princess Street is located in the neighborhood of the famous Fort Kochi and is remains one of the busiest and congested streets of Eranakulam.

Description: Princess Street is the life line of Kochi and anyone who has been here once can easily see the reflection of Europe in India. The houses, buildings and other structures located on the Princess street resemble the ones in Europe and this will surely give you a feeling that you have been transported to Europe. The buildings standing here have been built by Dutch, British, Portuguese and French people. In a nutshell it is a perfect blend of all these styles, in terms of architecture. Tourists visiting this street of Kochi city are even permitted by some of the residents or owners of the buildings or houses to have a look at the interiors.

Activities: Princess Street is like a Pandora’s Box, where everything can be found in the same place. The street is loaded with art galleries, tea shops, cafés, bookstores, restaurants, etc. It is a perfect venue to visit in leisure time and enjoy the local cuisine, refreshing coffee, read a book, or may be view a few masterpieces at the art galleries. You can also pick up gifts, like handicraft items for your near and dear ones. If nothing else, then you can simply take a walk and explore the shops of Princess Street until you feel like picking up something for yourself or friends.


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