Jew Town, Kerala

Jew Town

Location: Jew Town, a must-visit settlement and a primeval Jewish region of Kochi, it catches the fancy of visitors with its enriching as well as architectural distinctiveness.

Description: One of the characteristics that make Kochi prominent among many other Indian cities is the Jewish population. As per history, Jews came to Kochi for trade and business during 700 BC and afterwards they incorporated their influence in the cultural richness of the city. The then leader of the province allotted a region for the Jewish families who came to settle down in the city, and thus this place was named as the Jew Town. The main attractions of this place are the Dutch Palace and the primordial synagogue, prevalently called by the name Paradesi Synagogue. The boulevards of this township are crammed with small shops, selling a variety of spices. Many dilapidated buildings here still have Jewish names, and are the reminiscent evidence of the former splendor of this Jewish settlement.

Activities: You can easily spend time travelling through the local streets and view plenty of antique stores. It offers magnificent environs for photography. The town has a large number of shops which sell superlative ornaments, traditional artifacts and knickknacks and thus is an idyllic place for shopping.

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