Chinese Fishing Nets, Kerala

Chinese Fishing Nets

Location: The renowned Chinese Fishing Nets of Kochi are housed in the majestic and historic Fort of Kochi. You can take a taxi, car, bus or even an auto-rickshaw to reach these Fishing nets.

Description: Chinese Fishing Nets housed in Kochi Fort are famous for their unique and unusual style of fishing. These fishing nets have been installed in such a way that they can easily be operated from the shore. The fishing nets have been tied to bamboo and teak poles, which are placed horizontally using tools that help them go down in the sea. The total height of the complete fishing net structure is approximately 10 meters. An individual fishing net covers an area of 20 meters and can be operated by a team of six fishermen and the operating depth varies per fishing net. Depending upon the tidal conditions fishermen need to decide upon which net to use. The net is left submerged in the sea water for nearly 4 to 5 minutes and then raised back with the help of ropes. Fishermen are able to catch a moderate amount of fishes using these nets and these can be sold to the local folks or visitors at good price.

Activities: One can enjoy taking a walk throughout the Fort and play audience while watching the Fishermen catching their fish for the day.

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