Willingdon Island, Kerala

Willingdon Island

Location: Willingdon Island is connected to the main town of Kochi via road network and hence one can easily reach here by road. You can also opt for rail network, as this Island is also connected to Venduruthy Bridge. It is only 3 km away from the Eranakulam South Railway Station and approximately 26 km from the Kochi International Airport.

Description: The Willingdon Island also referred to as Willington Island sometimes, is the urban port belonging to the Kochi city. It has been created artificially during the process of increasing the depth Kochi Fort. The island has been named after the erstwhile Madras Governor, Lord Willingdon. The island has been enclosed by the picturesque backwaters. It even has a port hotel that was established with the aim of accommodating the passengers and is known by the name of Malabar Hotel. It is an important port and was especially created to fulfill the trade demands of Kochi. It links Kochi to other sea ports of the world and has some of the best offices, buildings and hotels.

Activities: You can get a glimpse of the daily activities taking place at this Island and take a look at the offices of some of the best companies located here. The platform and rail siding are other things to be seen on your trip to Willingdon Island. An aerodrome, built here by Royal Air Force, can also be seen

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