Fort Kochi, Kerala

Fort Kochi

Location: The massive and ancient, yet very significant in the history of India, Kochi Fort is located in the city of Kochi in the state of Kerala. Visitors can easily reach the Kochi Fort by taking a taxi, bus or an auto-rickshaw.

Description: The famous Fort Kochi has been under the possession of Portuguese, Dutch and British people. As a result of this, the area has an influence of European Architecture. On reaching this fort you can feel as if transferred to an ancient world and the credit for this goes to the ancient style buildings and structures present in the neighborhood of Kochi Fort. It is one of the significant areas that constitute the present day city of Kochi. Mattancherry and Eranakulam are the remaining two areas that comprise of the Kochi city. This fort is a prime tourist attraction here. In the ancient times, Fort Kochi was a small fishing village and was officially declared as Fort Kochi under the rule of Portuguese in 1503 by the Raja of Kochi. The Raja gave permission to Portuguese people to build a fort to fulfill the business interests of the area near the waterfront.

Activities: The Chinese Fishing Nets housed in the Fort Kochi is a major attraction. It is famous for its never seen style of fishing.

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