Goubert Sarai,

Goubert Sarai

Location: Goubert Sarai is 3 kilometer long beachside of Bay of Bengal in the South Indian town Pondicherry.

Description: A well planned city, Pondicherry is famous for its extensive sea shores which make it a famous attraction among tourists. Nearly thousands of people every year visit family-friendly Goubert Sarai to enjoy on this 3 km long beachside and hit other places located nearby, like Goubert Avenue, seafood restaurants, luxurious hotels and spa. When busy schedule leads to boring life, you will be grateful to find a beach like Goubert Sarai on which you can unwind and relax. This beach has everything for visitors from turquoise water to beautiful shores. You can visit this place in the morning when you will be greeted by pearl white sand and emerald green water. Enjoy a dip in the warm water with your family in the morning and sunbathing in the evening. A walk on the beachside will simply evoke a feeling of relaxation and tranquility. Tourists may choose to dine in elegance at the luxurious restaurants on the beachside and enjoy the flavors of South Indian cuisines.

Activities: Goubert Sarai is a perfect destination to enjoy a unique experience on sea shore. The beachside is an observation window for tourists where they can view the famous attractions of Goubert Avenue.


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