Bharathi Park,

Bharathi Park

Location: Bharathi Park is one of the famous public parks located in the heart of Pondicherry in India.

Description: Bharathi Park is a government park which lies in the green centre of this old colonial French town. Tourists can walk along the paved paths in the park with lush green trees on both sides. The cool breeze and the shade of trees provide relief from warmth on a hot sunny day. A famous monument, known as Mandapam, lies at the centre of the park, enhancing its magnificence. Overall this park offers a pleasant and relaxing environment. Tourists can make their vacation experience memorable by visiting Bharathi Park, which is a paradise for nature lovers, with display of beautiful flowers and grasslands. The benches of the park made from granite are best to relax and feel the tranquility. Visitors may come along with their families and kids to spend some wonderful time in the Bharathi Park.

Activities: On a visit to this park, tourists have a great opportunity to explore some of the famous government buildings located around this park, including Lt. Governor’s Palace, the Legislative Assembly, Government hospital, Ashram Dining Room, the Cercle De Pondichérry which is a private club, and the old Hotel Qualité.

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