Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus,

Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus

Location: Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus is a spiritual place situated on the south boulevard of Pondicherry in Indian state of Pondicherry.

Description: Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus is an oriental specimen of Gothic architecture style and considered as a popular pilgrimage center by Christians. This church is a spiritual center and visited by innumerable people from all parts of the world. Visitors can check out the rare stained glass panels depicting events from Christ’s life and priests of Catholic Church. Archbishop Mgr. Gandhi wished to build a new church in devotion of Sacred Heart of Jesus and hence in the year 1895, he consecrated the Archdiocese of Pondicherry to the famous Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus. This historic structure is about 100 years old and after renovation in 2005, both the interior and exterior of the church look more dazzling than before. Visitors may also see the idols of four evangelists and lamp posts describing their lives. One should see the church at night when chandeliers, focus, and flood lights illuminate the church with beams of light.

Activities: The best time to visit this church is aroundChristmas, when the entire church is wonderfully decorated and this occasion is celebrated by people with full gaiety.

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