Pondicherry Beach,

Pondicherry Beach

Location: While you are in Pondicherry, you must visit the Pondicherry beach to complete your tour.

Description: The magnificentPondicherry beach can be your favorite place for a holiday trip which you would like to visit again and again. This tranquil beach is idea for you to relax on the sea side or take a pleasant walk along the beach. The emerald green water of the sea, along with the beauty of green palm trees, creates a natural paradise that can take one’s breath away. Tourists can also see some of the famous landmarks from the sea shores including the tall statue of Mahatma Gandhi, Joan of Arc and the old light house. If you are a seafood lover, then visit the famous restaurants located not very far from the beach to relish the flavors of fresh seafood. Pondicherry beach is a perfect place to try activities like swimming and boating. Overall it is a great place to visit for people of age groups and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Activities: Beauty of Pondicherry beach, along with the mesmerizing views of sunrise and sunset, makes it a superb camping site, so you have a plenty of time to explore the sea treasures and spend a memorable vacation.

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