Pondicherry Museum,

Pondicherry Museum

Location: Pondicherry Museum is one of the fantastic museums, located on Saint Louis Street in Pondicherry state of South India.

Description: Pondicherry Museum features an incredibly comprehensive collection of sculptures and the remains of archaeological findings from the Arikamedu Roman settlement. It is located in the former Law building. The collection here includes art pieces dating back to the era of Pallava and Chola dynasties. You will find an exclusive collection of bronze and stone sculptures. The artifacts present in the Museum are specially excavated from Arikamedu, an ancient town that served as a trade center for Romans and the beads made of glass and precious stones dug out from here are preserved in the Pondicherry Museum. The museum offers great insight to Roman cultural legacy. Visitors can also visit the Bronze Gallery located in the museum, where you can see the images of various gods and goddesses, along with a wide collection of temple lamps of bygone era. Here people will be fascinated to see the pre-Christian relics including remnants of Greek and Roman jars and also pieces from the Tsung periods in China.

Activities: Pondicherry Museum is an informative place which offers glimpses into ancient period. Except Monday, visitors can visit the museum on all days of a week.

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