Location: Situated at a distance of 7 km from Indian Territory Pondicherry, Arikamedu is an archeological site of Roman period.

Description: During ancient Roman period, Arikamedu was known to be the most prosperous town. There is a sense of mystery in each and every corner of this historic place that attracts people from all over the world to South India. According to legends, Arikamedu was a popular bead making and trading centre. Sir Mortimer Wheeler has contributed in excavation of many sites. This historical place has a treasure of lamps, glassware and gems of bygone Roman era. It is believed that Arikamedu was a Tamil fishing village and a Chola port mainly used for trading with Roman traders. The mark of Roman potters schools, like VIBII, CAMURI and ITTA, on several artifacts is an evidence of trade between ancient Rome and Tamil country. A trip to Arikamedu offers extensive knowledge about the interesting history of this place. Tourists can still check out the ruins of French Jesuit and Mission house belonging to 18th century in the town.

Activities: Arikamedu is an easy to access site for tourists as well as archeologists to unveil the history of ancient Rome. It is a key to the treasure chest of historic sites, engravings of 1st century, Roman pieces of pottery and a lot more to explore at one place.

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