Veerabhoomi, Dubare, Karnataka

Veerabhoomi, Dubare

The tourist village of Veerabhoomi is immensely famous, since it is the only heritage themed holiday resort in the state of Karnataka. This village is a great place for tourists to come and visit should they wish to learn about the culture and traditions which are intrinsic to the history of Karnataka. Tourists visiting Veerabhoomi will get to see the heritage theme all across the village. The grounds of the resort are made to resemble the atmosphere of a battlefield, the cottages where tourists can stay are designed like the tents used by the royalty of the region. Even the personnel who are employed in this resort are attired in the garb of the soldiers of that time. Tourists can also enjoy a great deal of authentic local cuisines as well as entertainment thanks to the local artistes who perform songs and programs rooted in the folk culture of Karnataka.

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