Chettalli, Madikeri, Karnataka

Chettalli, Madikeri

Tourists who are exploring South India should definitely mark Chettalli on their map of places to visit, especially if they are interested in checking out places which have a great deal of natural beauty thanks to a large number of beautiful waterfalls and a great amount of beautiful forestry around them. Chettalli is a small village which is found on the Madikeri - Siddapur road. Tourists travelling to this village can use the CHES or the Central Horticultural Experiment Station as a guiding landmark in order to reach this village. There is a lot of natural beauty in this region, with the misty hills being perfectly complimented by the verdant greenery which stretches as far as the eye can see. Those tourists who are interested in some cultural tourism can also visit the Cherala Bhagvati Temple and can relax at the Chettalli falls which is a great place to enjoy in peace and serenity.

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