Fishing, Karnataka


For those tourists who want to spend a relaxing day outdoors in the vicinity of the city of Coorg, fishing is an option they can avail very easily, given the proximity to the Cauvery River. This river is known for the large number of fishing camps where people can go and indulge in angling. There is a very wide variety of fish which can be caught here including the well known Mahseer. Tourists who wish to catch some fish in this river will have to first obtain the necessary clearances and permits from the Coorg Wildlife Society, as well as the Forest Department of Karnataka which should be relatively easy since these organizations have made them available at a number of locations at Valnoor and Madikeri as well. Each license should cost a few hundred rupees at the most, but one thing which tourists must bear in mind is that the angling they get to do here is strictly catch and release, due to the conservation and breeding efforts going on here.

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