Honnamana Kere, Karnataka

Honnamana Kere

Tourists coming to Coorg should definitely make some time in their itinerary to visit the Honnamma Kere. For those who do not know, Honnamma Kere refers to the largest lake located near Coorg in a place called Daddamalthe, which is near Sulimalthe village found at a distance of 6 km from the township of Somwarpeth. Tourists who are interested in making their trip a little more enlightening will be very pleased to know that Honnamma Kere is also where they can find a temple which was built as a dedication to the sacrifices of the goddess Honnamma for her people, after whom the lake was named. This lake is surrounded by a number of coffee plantations, as well as the hills called Mori Betta and Gavi Betta and beautiful cliffs too. Tourists can enjoy spending their time fishing and relaxing by the banks of the beautiful Cauvery River.

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