Harangi Dam, Dubare, Karnataka

Harangi Dam, Dubare

Tourists will have a lot of options at their disposal regarding what to do while they are on their vacation here. One place which is definitely something all visitors must checkout is the Harangi Dam. This dam has been built close to the township of Kushalnagar, across a stream which separates from the Cauvery River. The Harangi Dam is 846 meters long and is 47 meters tall. Visiting the reservoir is highly recommended to tourists in the months of August and September since the monsoon season makes sure that the reservoir is full and the natural beauty of the surrounding forest is at its peak. The Harangi Dam is located away from the hubbub of urban life which makes it the perfect getaway for tourists who want to enjoy the calming sound of the breeze drifting through the leaves instead of the constant noise of urban life which permeates every city.

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