Burude Falls, Karnataka

Burude Falls

Even though the word ‘Burude’ means ‘skull’ in the main language of the state of Karnataka called Kannada, tourists should not let that put them off from visiting this place. The intimidating name was given to this place for its remoteness and the effort it takes to access this place, which has some of the most picturesque waterfalls in the region. These waterfalls are a little over 20 Kms away from the nearest township of Siddapur and 55 km away from the township of Sirsi. Tourists who are planning to visit these falls using public transportation should know that the nearest bus stop is in the village of Allimaki which is separated from these waterfalls by a 5 km trek. In the middle of a thick forest, accessible after a long walk and a treacherous climb, a visit to this beautiful place is recommended for those tourists who are up for the physical effort required to get here.

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